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Our extensive textile collection represents over a century and a half of history on Alamance County and North Carolina. We maintain original paper documents, journals, photographs, personal effects, fabric samples, and machinery used in the earlier years (1800’s-mid 1900’s) of the American textile industry. Many artifacts are on exhibit, some on a rotation, and many in conservation and protected storage. Through these artifacts, we are able to tell the fascinating stories about the mills and people who worked and lived throughout the textile communities of Alamance County and North Carolina.

If you are a fellow museum/historic site professional, researcher, writer, or perhaps a descendant of a former mill village resident or mill worker seeking additional information on the history of the textile industry, we are more than happy to assist you in your search. Our Archives are open by appointment only on designated days and times of the week.

If you have a research request or wish to view our collections please contact us at (336)-270-6374, or email us at to set up an appointment. Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice so we may prepare for your visit.

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